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Bāramūla Financial executives like you have lived through some crazy times starting with the repeal of Glass-Steagall in the 1990's, the tech bubble and tech wreck of 2000, and the mortgage-backed securities nightmare and Great Recession of earlier in the 2000s.

Tarragona You've seen and experienced quite a bit whether you were in banking, investments, insurance, equipment leasing or the newer online lending/fintech/cryptocurrency industries.

Joseph Epstein famously said in the NY Times around the year 2000 that '81% of Americans believe they have a book in them and that they should write it.'  Are you one of them?

I bet you have some great stories to tell and have thought that you would love to write a book one day.  Let me help you.

Maybe it's a book of business lessons you've learned or a collection of funny and interesting stories you've picked up from clients and other business dealings, but you probably have a book in you and I can help you get it out. A book is a great way to leave a legacy for the next generation both in your business life and your personal life.

I'm not just a writer who does financial ghostwriting or fintech ghostwriting nor am I a writer that doesn't know the difference between an asset and a liability. I did finance for 15 years first in a few different sides of the industry from investments to equipment finance first before I started writing. I'm Stu Lustman (link is my LinkedIn Profile) and this is my site, which you see is a blog. When I started to write it was on this blog. Now I write professionally full time in finance and fintech and count managed funds, online lending companies, Bitcoin companies and academics among my clients, all of whom are ghostwriting clients. Go take a look around and see how I write about marketplace lending and Bitcoin.

Hire a Writer to Write Your Book

You bring the stories, I bring the publish ready writing format. We collaborate. As your business book ghostwriter (or maybe it's a memoir), I will ensure your work is in your voice telling your stories. If you are a skilled writer already and only need editing and proofreading, then that works too. Whatever it takes to help you get your story published.

I've written case studies and e-books both for myself and for clients. I have a Bitcoin Case Study here on the site and Bitcoin Lending E-books here too (under the Resources tab). I can also show you work for clients where I have contributed when you contact me that I can't put here due to confidentiality agreements.

And, like you, if you want to write a book,  I can relate. I am putting the finishing touches on my own book with a Summer/Fall 2017 release on Peer to Peer Lending as an investment for beginners. Once it's up on Amazon for sale I'd be glad to give you a code for a free copy so you can see what more of my long-form work is like.

Surf around the site and see how I write or see client testimonials from my Standard Copywriting Page (which you can click at Stu Writes For You). If you want to talk in more detail about bringing out the book that's in you, then please fill out this form for me and let me know the best time and way to reach out to you or you can call me directly at sixseveneight-eightthreezero-3847

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