Rules of correct betting

Choosing a specialization for betting

To begin with we choose a particular sport starcraft and a list of tournaments for betting. There are successful brokers in 2 or 3 sports at once, but it is rather an exception. Choose a sport, in which you know well.

Next, determine the pool of tournaments for betting. A common mistake for beginners is to bet on all the championships and cups in a row. For example, in today's bookmaker's line there are no matches of the top championships, so players are climbing into the Cup of Iran, the second league of Bolivia and other exotic adventures. As experience shows, it is better to wait it out and not bet on matches of the second Norwegian volleyball league.

Having outlined the circle of tournaments (for example, the top 5 European leagues, RPL and European Cups) you need to follow these competitions closely. There are also analytics, also follow the news and statistics. Follow these tournaments carefully to be in the context of events.

Determine the size of the bank and the maximum bet
If your goal is to learn how to bet professionally, it's time to start acting professionally. In betting, planning is important.

Our social network has already taken care of the starting pot size, but it's up to you to determine the maximum bets. For example, set yourself a maximum limit - not to spend more than 5% of the pot for 1 bet. Sometimes there are situations when you are 200% sure of the correctness of a bet. In such a case, you can double the size, but in no way bet the bank completely.

Studying the line in search of matches

We have already agreed that we follow certain tournaments and do not get involved in everything. That is what we do - we study our tournaments in search of the matches, which are suitable for betting. If there are no matches in the chosen championships in the coming days, it's better to take a break and not to be distracted by other bets.

Having found interesting matches in the line, we pay attention to such moments:

  • Team motivation. We choose matches, in which teams have motivation. We also determine who has a higher motivation. It will be logical to form a bet in a "pain point" - where the motivation is higher.
  • Strength of teams. Teams may differ in strength, optimal lineups, game form. For example, under ideal conditions, team A is stronger and higher in class than team B. But injuries and lack of playing tone leveled the difference in class, form, etc.

Pre-match analysis is the basis of successful betting. If you ignore the analysis of matches, then you will not become a successful long distance kapper. You can be lucky in betting, sometimes intuition tells you, but if you always rely on luck, it will end in failure.

In addition to the strength of the teams and their motivation, at this stage we look at the statistics for the selected matches and try to identify trends. For example, in 9 of the last 10 matches of teams A and B, both teams scored. If the motivation and game form are all right, then it is quite logical to bet on "both goals".

Having studied the statistics, we already begin to roughly determine the possible bet. For example, in matches of low-scoring teams will be logical to ignore the bets on TB and other options related to an abundance of goals. There is no need to choose a particular bet at this stage, but it is necessary to determine the possible direction.

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  1. I am in terested in participating in peer to peer lending as an investor. I live in New Jersey and therefore do not qualify to use Lending Club or Prosper’s lending platform. I could, however, invest through does provide approximatetely the same level of safety as the other two lending platforms?
    Milton Kaufman

    • Milton, I sent you a private email on this as well.

      Upstart requires an investor be accredited, which is the primary difference between it and the investing requirements of Prosper and Lending Club. If you are accredited, then you can invest. Upstart is well known and respected in the market so if you are able to invest, I suspect you can replicate the returns you would be seeking on Lending Club with their excellent platform.

  2. Stu,

    I was going over through Title III of jobs acts and see requirements to file SEC form C & D

    Does lending platform need to file SEC filings, if the loan limit is under $10k. Are there any exemptions for small loan limits.


    • Rakesh, this is a great question. I am pretty sure that the SEC filings are still necessary. The reason why is that buying a loan in its entirety (like an entire $10,000 loan) is not a security but buying a piece of a loan as most investors do is a security.

      However, I am not a securities attorney so I am only giving my view as how I would act.

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