Ludomania and gambling addiction

One of the main problems associated with betting parimatch live is that it is addictive, an excessive infatuation. We often call it "gambling addiction," but there is another, universally recognized term, "addiction. This condition, unfortunately, applies to all gambling. But psychologists believe that it is especially dangerous when someone is addicted to sports betting.

What is addiction and how it appears and manifests itself?

Addiction to betting is dangerous because the player doesn't even realize that he is ill. But at the same time, he not only continues to bet, but also increases the amount of risk and/or the number of sports events, both in the 1st express and in terms of the frequency of visiting the casino. Experts believe that addiction to cheating, as a rule, has a "psychological foundation". To such addiction tend more single people that are not satisfied with their life situation and / or a place at work (however, such we have tens and hundreds of thousands). Related factors are considered bad habits, especially alcoholism, and a predisposition to mental illness. Of course, this is combined with the original dream of our people: to get rich, like Yemelya from a fairy tale, without doing anything for it. Unfortunately, often bookmaker's offices (in small print fulfilling the rule about the warning of possible addiction) speculate on the thirst for easy profits and lure by attractive odds.

Even the human body itself pushes to betting

People are not made of iron and when a betting game starts, adrenaline is pumped into the blood and the brain starts producing endorphin, the hormone of pleasure. These substances act on the body like natural drugs... And, just like chemicals, they are addictive - some people need the first "dose", while others "get hooked" later. But in any case, quitting is hard. Especially after the first 1 or 2 successes, when the first winnings come to the account.

Why is betting considered more dangerous than casinos and even slot machines?

It is the essence of sports betting. There is not only a dependence on chance, but also the influence of objective factors. And to win, you need to connect not only and not so much luck, but also correct calculation, trying to make the most accurate and objective analysis of the upcoming sporting event. Players may overestimate their ability to bypass the staff of analysts, to find a weak spot in the line. It is easier on the same roulette to accept that it is unlucky and stop. In sports betting, on the other hand, there is the temptation to cover the misfire with a new move.

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    Milton Kaufman

    • Milton, I sent you a private email on this as well.

      Upstart requires an investor be accredited, which is the primary difference between it and the investing requirements of Prosper and Lending Club. If you are accredited, then you can invest. Upstart is well known and respected in the market so if you are able to invest, I suspect you can replicate the returns you would be seeking on Lending Club with their excellent platform.

  2. Stu,

    I was going over through Title III of jobs acts and see requirements to file SEC form C & D

    Does lending platform need to file SEC filings, if the loan limit is under $10k. Are there any exemptions for small loan limits.


    • Rakesh, this is a great question. I am pretty sure that the SEC filings are still necessary. The reason why is that buying a loan in its entirety (like an entire $10,000 loan) is not a security but buying a piece of a loan as most investors do is a security.

      However, I am not a securities attorney so I am only giving my view as how I would act.

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