Stu’s Portfolio Report: September 2015

Another month has come and gone and its time to report on my returns. More good stuff continues to happen for my portfolio with steady returns from my USD loans and some 'yield enhancement' by my private loans and my BTC loans. Let's check out the numbers.

9/30/2015 Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Rec'd Principal Remaining ROI
Bitcoin Loans 27.1 27.1 226.09 352.8 0.99%
Private Loan 45 45 274.71 0 2.62%
Prosper Loans 29.28 27.37 227.85 2270.54 1.21%
Lending Club Loans 31.81 30.523 140.78 2893.81 1.05%
High Rate Portfolio on LC 12.59 11.6 16.11 994.64 1.17%
Totals 145.78 141.593 885.54 6511.79 2.17%
Bitcoin loans based on BTC price at month end of $236.57
Platform Only Loans Amount Lent Net Interest
Bitcoin Loans 2876.74 27.1
Amount Invested in Prosper 2500 27.37
Amount Invested in LC 3500 42.123
Total in the Platforms 8876.74 96.593
Monthly Interest Rate on Loans 1.09%
Annualized Rates 13.06%

I hit a milestone this month after almost 18 months of lending in BTC where my Bitcoin loan returns fell short of my USD loan returns. This is the first time that has happened.

Thankfully, this happened while I still made positive returns there with a monthly return of 0.99%. This was powered by my BitLendingClub aka Loanbase portion of my BTC portfolio where I earned 2.69% for the month. Two of my platforms, Bitbond and Bitfinex, yielded no return at all. One was my own fault (Bitfinex) where I forgot to put in my loan request to get filled and the other (Bitbond) only had 2 payments due, neither of which happened to pay last month.

My private loan termed out its 6 month term as agreed so that one comes off the books going forward. My platform only loans came in at a solid 1.09%. As many of you know I not only seek a 1% monthly return overall but I also seek 1% across each of the platforms where I lend. This month was a little less successful than most yet still looking good.

Let's see what the rest of the year brings....

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Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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