Stu’s Portfolio Report: October 2015

October saw some good activity in my lending accounts. Of my 7 places where I lend either BTC or USD (counting Lending Club twice for my 2 portfolios there), 6 of them made money although a couple only barely so and only one did I receive no payments although only 2 were due. Let's take a look:

10/31/2015 Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Rec'd Principal Remaining ROI
Bitcoin Loans 56.23 56.23 849.8096 759.2 1.56%
Prosper Loans 29.51 27.5 155.28 2270.54 1.21%
Lending Club Loans 26.66 25.373 51.48 2825.94 0.90%
High Rate Portfolio on LC 21.2 19.76 49.8 957.04 2.06%
Totals 133.6 128.863 1106.3696 6812.72 1.34%
Bitcoin loans based on BTC price at month end of $312.43
Platform Only Loans Amount Lent Net Interest
Bitcoin Loans 3595 56.23
Amount Invested in Prosper 2500 27.5
Amount Invested in LC 3500 45.133
Total in the Platforms 9595 128.863
Monthly Interest Rate on Loans 1.34%
Annualized Rates 16.12%

I received some serious Interest payments in BTC this month, however I also got some full and early payoffs so my principal returned to me was higher as well. My one 6 month private loan termed out successfully in September so I'm back to Platform Only lending....for now.

USD Lending

The winner this month on the USD side is my High Rate Lending Club portfolio with a monthly rate of 2.06%. This will NOT last though as I have a late in the 31-120 day period that looks like it will default. I'm seeing very nice steady performance all across the board on my USD loans with returns of 0.90%, 1.21% and 2.06% for my Lending Club and Prosper loans. They just keep chugging along with steady returns.

BTC Lending

I know some of you out there only care about my Bitcoin loans so here are my 4 lending accounts in Bitcoin:

Summary of All BTC Loans
Loan Amt Invested Payment Interest Rec'd Principal Balance ROI
BJ Loans 3.000 0.018 0.002 0.584 0.07%
LB Loans 3.910 2.885 0.177 1.637 4.53%
BB Loans 0.500 0.000 0.000 0.209 0.00%
BFX Loans 4.098 0.001 0.001 0.000 0.02%
Total 11.508 2.904 0.180 2.430 1.56%

My laggard was Bitbond. I only had 2 payments due and they defaulted this month. Thanks to the transparency Bitbond offers, the best in the industry in this area, I'm going to slice and dice their loan data to work on some better filtering. By the way, did you see that I posted over on their blog on what the next 5 years might hold in BTC lending? I'd love to hear what you think.

My leader, far and away is Loanbase. I lent 4 BTC last month to 5 borrowers. This is not recommended until you learn the lay of the land and what can make you money here. You can also follow me as my name there is StuFinancesTech, same as my twitter handle. Overall, I am pretty happy with 1.56% monthly or 18.72% annualized.


When we total all my lending activities, I came in at a solid 1.34% for the month or 16.1% annualized. I'm very happy with these returns and for the risk I am taking (or not taking) to get them.

On To November.....

About the author

Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

2 thoughts on “Stu’s Portfolio Report: October 2015

  1. Are your Bitcoin loans USD denominated or BTC denominated?

    Wouldn’t it make sense to list returns in dollar terms, just like with the other platforms you report on?

    • In the first chart of all of my loans, my BTC loans are converted back into USD based on the price on the last day of the month so they can be compared to my USD loans on an apples to apples basis. The loans are not really converted and all the loans are listed in dollar terms on that chart.

      The 2nd chart, which is Bitcoin only, is denominated in BTC.

      Thanks for the question

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