Stu’s Portfolio Report: January 2015

One of the biggest benefits to me personally for doing these monthly reports that I present to you is actually witnessing the changes in my returns in my loan portfolio for myself. I get to see how my Prosper, Lending Club and Bitcoin based returns vary from month to month. My Bitcoin returns in particular can vary quite greatly.  January was a terrific month for my portfolio so let's take a look.

One final note, my new High Rate Portfolio did not start until February so my first report on it won't be till next month.

1/31/2015 Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Rec'd Principal Remaining ROI
Bitcoin Loans 101.1 101.1 909.99 579.36 11.11%
Prosper Loans 32.72 30.6 62.63 2501.24 1.22%
Lending Club Loans 34.18 33.3 54.1 2699.61 1.23%
Totals 168 165 1026.72 5780.21 2.85%
Bitcoin loans based on BTC price at month end of $217
Platform Only Loans Amount Lent Net Interest
Bitcoin Loans 2230.3 101.1
Amount Invested in Prosper 2500 30.6
Amount Invested in LC 2500 33.3
Total in the Platforms 7230.3 165
Monthly Interest Rate on Loans 2.85%
Annualized Rates 34.20%

As you can see here, we had another successful month implementing my Credit based strategies across both USD and BTC based lending platforms. Only 3 of my BTC borrowers didn't pay this month (out of more than 20) and one is actively engaged in a payment plan so unlike most times in Bitcoin, I think I will get my money back on that one.

My goal of 1% per month on Prosper and Lending Club was exceeded again and my 2.85% total monthly return annualized to 34.20% is an outstanding return.

About the author

Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

2 thoughts on “Stu’s Portfolio Report: January 2015

  1. 11 percent is impressive. I’m wondering if you get this on a consistent basis? So far with bitcoin p2p lending my focus has been on diversifying, finding trusted borrowers with good track records and investing in their loans, and trying my best to limit my exposure to defaults. But sometimes I feel blind as an investor. I think BTCJam and BLC are busy aggregating data that could be very useful to investors, but we don’t have access to it. Especially on BTCJam, where interest rates are a little lower, minimizing defaults is the key to strong returns. I just don’t have enough data to design and implement an advanced strategy for limiting defaults in my portfolio.

    • Hi Anthony. You are correct that they are aggregating data. My goal is 1% per month so I don’t get that 11% consistently. I have had a couple 10%+ months and a number of 5%+ months but I don’t expect that and use it to help absorb some of the losses.

      Jam is especially secretive of their information at the moment but I think they will release it sooner rather than later and I know BLC is working on a plan to do the same thing although I don’t know when.

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