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focally You can end your search for a financial copywriter right now with a very experienced copywriter who knows about finance.

Port Moresby Hiring someone can be a real pain especially for something specialized like writing copy on financial topics. Instead of concentrating on your business you have to go through tons of resumes including those that write beautifully but don’t know the difference between an Asset and a Liability.

stintingly I’m Stu Lustman and with me you get both financial expertise (more than 15 years of it) and copywriting experience. I have run businesses, done financial statement and credit analysis and I have run this blog writing about finance for more than 3 years.

smart Other than guest posts I write every word. I work or have worked in specialty finance areas like fintech, crowdfunding, p2plending, equipment finance and factoring and enjoy getting to write about these specialty subjects.

At my blog here at I write weekly about complex financial topics and put them in plain english for people, which is exactly what good financial copy does. My blog is considered to be an authority site in its financial niche and 3 years is a long time in the blogging world.

"Stu wrote a sales letter for me to use as a landing page for one of my services. His letter was so good, so convincing that I realized I have charge more for this service and raised my prices by 15%." - Rob Burgner, CEO of Bleeding Edge Inc.

As an MBA grad and experienced financial professional, little of your time will be wasted or slowed down by my need to do lots of research on the financial copy topic of the day. Your product will be more complete and done more quickly as a result. You can do what you do best and leave the writing to me.

Are you an investment fund? Here is how I marketed for one in the industry that got great feedback: Managed Accounts

"P2P lending is an ever-changing space and Stu's in depth knowledge is a huge asset for those looking to understand the ins and outs of this asset class"- Krista Morgan, co-founder and CEO P2BInvestor, online marketplace lender for asset based lending.

Investment Advisors like posts like this on Lending Club's earnings and this on investment techniques and this more technical one on Duration. Technical and easy to read material makes for happy and informed investment clients with more money to manage over time.

“I am an avid reader of P2PLendingExpert. Stu has been on the forefront of the P2P Lending phenomenon and has a knack for making complex financial topics seem simple. He also possesses a deep understanding of FinTech and the integral role it plays in personal finance. His original content would be enormously valuable to any financial publication covering the P2P investing or FinTech sector.” -Dara Albright, President Dara Albright Media and Co-founder of the FinFair and LendIt Conferences.

Deadlines won’t be an issue for me when I work remotely as my prime working time is early in the morning and I’m an early riser. I love to write a ton in the morning when I’m inspired.

"Stu is a very fast writer who respects deadlines and replies quickly to any request. Stu is also very reliable and accommodating in unexpected situations where work needs to be done on short notice."-  Oliver Molder, Digital Marketing Manager at leading European p2p lender Bondora.

Interested in me writing for you? Have a question? Contact Me.

I’m a big fan of web and cloud based technologies and use Google Drive and Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Dropbox, Box, WordPress, Evernote and (CRMs) effectively and often plus you can get the benefit of me writing for you when my inspiration strikes, whenever and wherever that may be.

I do blog posts either long or short form, as well as landing pages, ebooks, newsletters, sales letters, white papers, case studies and autoresponder series. Any financial copy that goes out to your clients.

Are you ready to have me write your financial copy for you? If so, please email me at stu AT  with the subject: Copywriting Work so we can set up an interview time or you can Contact Me here on the blog

Stu Lustman, Blogmaster