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  1. hi stu,
    i am looking for p2p lending site to borrow
    some money in belgium or a international companie that can help me


    • Hello Rudi, there are a couple of European based p2p lenders but I don’t know of any at the moment that are based in Belgium. Bondora and Auxmoney in Estonia and Germany, respectively are 2 of the most established. All the other largest ones are in the UK and require being a resident or citizen of the UK in order to use their platform.

      If you are having trouble there, you can get on one of the Bitcoin sites and convert your Bitcoin you borrow back into Euros for your needs.

    • Hi Rudi, I am in the same situation (also in Belgium), have you found a P2P lending site for Belgium already? I am not able to find one myself. Auxmoney seems to operate solely for Germany and Bondora for Finland, Spain and Estonia.



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