Peer to Small Business Lending Program


Peer to Peer Lending is moving into the Small Business market by offering Peer to Business loans.

If your business is getting pushback or a no from your bank and you know you could afford the payment if they made you the loan then check out this loan offering.  This is a common sense Revenue and Cash Flow based loan program......

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Amount: $5,000-$500,000

Maximum term: 36 months

Credit: typically FICO of 660 or higher is required but below 660 can be mitigated by strong cash flow

Rates: 8-13% for a fully amortizing loan

Time In Business: 2 years minimum However, we can work with new entities set up if they have an older parent supporting them and guaranteeing the deal. For instance, Company A has been doing business in FL for 8 years and decides to expand into GA and sets up a new GA entity Company B. Company A's support and guarantee for Company B makes this a doable deal.

Net Worth: Personal or Business (or combined) of 1.5x the loan request. As in, for a loan of $100,000, a net worth of $150,000 is required.

Bank Statements: 3 months of business bank statements with summary pages showing average balances. If average balances show us you can pay back the loan, there is a good chance of approval

Collateral: Loans can be Unsecured for solid credits OR backed by Receivables, Equipment, or Business Assets

Paperwork requirements include the business bank statements, a personal financial statement, a credit application, a copy of your Articles of Inc. Other things including a credit check may be required based on Credit on a deal by deal basis.

If you think this fits your business, then apply here


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