Bitcoin and AltCoin Taxes 2018

Bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency investors in the US are in a difficult place on how to stay tax compliant. There are many different professional opinions on tax compliance. Other than taxing Bitcoin and cryptos like property as an asset instead of as a currency, there has been no additional guidance so far from the IRS … Read more

The Buy Stu’s Book Post

The date was March 2013 Almost 5 years ago, I started this blog with 2 purposes in mind: to keep myself accountable on my newly discovered p2p lending investments and to apply my credit and financial knowledge to this market to help individual retail investors. At that time, only my friends at Lend Academy were … Read more

Wish Finance: Blockchain SME Lending

Unlike EthLend, which is lending agnostic, Wish Finance is specifically for lending to small and medium-sized businesses, otherwise known as the SME market. Wish is based in Singapore. The white paper explaining their program is found right here: Wish Finance White Paper. Wish also has a separate pdf file giving an overview of their business. … Read more