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buy modafinil canada reddit Peer to Peer Lending is a system of loaning money to people that falls outside of the traditional banking system. There are 2 sides: the borrowing side for those looking to borrow money and the investing side for those looking to invest their money to help their peers and earn interest.

order cheap clomid online You may have recently heard the term marketplace lending to describe these loans now since they are done on an online marketplace plus large institutions and Wall Street have gotten involved, making it less truly peer to peer.

anatomically So if you are looking on how to use these sites to lower your interest rate on borrowing money, then I understand your pain. While that is not the primary focus of this site, I do collect some Borrower Resources from time to time so I hope you'll check those out. Not only that, the credit analysis articles (which have their own tag) can help you with tips on how to understand your own credit and improve your score.

While we focus on the investing side here, a lot of what we do focuses on Credit and analysis of and how to spot good from bad credit. Understanding those differences so you can improve your Credit leads to lower borrowing costs.

For those looking to earn a higher interest rate on your money, I can empathize. Current US bond rates, according to, are 0.24% for a 2 year Treasury bond and only 3.08% for a 30 year Treasury bond. Not only that, unlike in days of old, I don't think there are many people that think US government bonds are actually a risk-free investment anymore. So if we are taking some risk, we might as well try to earn more for that risk.

So if you are someone who is at or near retirement and is looking to put the funds you've accumulated over time into something that could be safer and generate more monthly income and cash flow, then welcome.

If you know you need some kind of fixed income investment like a bond, but you just don't feel confident in bonds and bond mutual funds, I understand and welcome.

If you are worried that what you have now may not be enough for when you retire, then welcome.

If you are curious how these loans work and if they may be right for your money, then welcome.

If you ever wondered how a bank or mortgage company evaluates your credit profile, then welcome.

I use these platforms with some of my own money and will share my credit analysis skills that I have developed and used over time with the purpose of helping to educate and inform about this very young and growing marketplace.

Please stick around and read a couple posts, leave some comments and if you like what you read then I hope you will subscribe.

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  1. Hi Stu. I’m eager to talk to you but there is not way to contact you that I can see. How do I reach you ?


  2. Stu, like your bullet point write up, why I got into P2P loans 10 years ago. I now have cofounded a company in the P2P space,, and we are preparing our Reg A+ offering now. Would love to chat one day, have also sent you a LinkedIn invite. Best regards, Fernando

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