New and Other Peer to Peer Lending Sites

Since my focus here is on the 2 main US based 'retail' (meaning consumer based) lending platforms of Prosper and Lending Club, this can lead to the exclusion of other new and interesting platforms that also allow us to lend.  Here are some other really interesting and kinda cool lending platforms available based on your interest in the subject and appetite for risk.

Student Loans

If student loans are your thing, or you like the idea of helping a college kid get what they need so they can finish their degree, then SoFi is for you. The site is also used for the refinance of existing student loans.  An interesting point to note is that student loans are one of the few loans that CANNOT be discharged in a personal bankruptcy. Whether you think this is wrong or right, that is the law as it currently stands and it is a protection should you choose to lend on this platform.

Real Estate

If you would like to do a peer to peer loan in a secured environment, meaning your loan is secured by some kind of collateral, then you might like to have your peer to peer loan backed by real estate. The biggest player in this area is Blackhawk Investments. Here it looks like you can register as an accredited investor, institutional investor or retail investor but I do not know how much cash on hand is required to invest. Realty Mogul is another but is only open to accredited investors.

Small Business Lending

If you are interested in peer to peer lending for small businesses, then there are a few options out there. This is commonly known as P2B (peer to business). Secured by Business Accounts Receivables, P2B Investor, known as P2Bi, is one of the big emerging players in this space. This one is only open to accredited investors.

If general small business lending is more your style and you don't care about Accounts Receivable, then the Endurance lending Network is a good place to go. Again, only open to accredited investors.

UK Based Platforms

For our UK friends, the biggest peer to peer lending platform is Zopa. It works just like our lending platforms here but only for UK residents.

A cool new concept in the UK market, the high end pawn market, as in jewelry and paintings and collectibles are the assets secured through a peer to peer lending platform known as Funding Secure.

These are just some of the options available for those willing and able to invest in peer to peer loans. Have you invested in any of these? How did you like the platforms?


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Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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    • I spend most of my time on these sites as us small retail investors have direct access to invest in these as opposed to many other sites where being accredited is a requirement. Prosper and Lending Club are the only sites I know of for non-accredited investors in the US so far. the UK has many sites that are truly peer to peer if you are a UK or EU citizen. I have an ebook coming out soon and some tools with a free subscription that help you set up your own filtering system to invest in loans successfully on these 2 platforms.


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