My 5 Favorite Bitcoin News Sources

As I said in my 5 Favorite Marketplace Lending News Sources article, good decisions come from good information. While the Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto-economy is not as transparent as marketplace lending (YET), there are places to get quality news about the industry.

Since I covered marketplace lending news sources already, here are my 5 favorite Bitcoin/blockchain news sources.

The Bitcoin/Cryptoeconomy News Sources

Like with the marketplace lending news sources, all these resources are on Twitter, the social media platform for the crypto-economy. You should be there as well to get up to date information on what's happening. I'm @StuFinancesTech.  Honorable mention is Reddit, where many of these sources are as well and you have r/Bitcoin and r/Blockchain you can follow.

To the sources. is the world's most popular Bitcoin wallet, although that's not why they are on this list. At the top of the page, if you click Data and Charts, you get some of the best information on the Bitcoin network itself.

For example, this chart looks at the number of transactions sitting in the Mempool waiting to go into a block. This is a great indicator of network health and if confirmation times for transactions will slow down more than the 10 min interval between blocks. After all, if 750,000 transactions are sitting in the Mempool, then it's unlikely all will go into the next block. Some will have to wait 10 minutes for the next block. This can clog up the network and is good information to know.

Along with information on the Mempool, transaction counts and fees, price, number of Bitcoins in circulation, and mining information are all available here.

@Blockchain is their Twitter handle.


 Messari has one objective: to bring transparency and investment bank quality information to the crypto-economy. They have a newsletter called Unqualified Opinions on the freemium model. Messari does both data gathering and analysis, along with curating news and information from other sources.

When you take a look at their front page, you can see the left column is all cryptocurrency pricing information like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. The right side curates news from places like Coindesk, The Block (more on them later), or industry people's Medium blogs.  Messari's greatest reach is in their research and network. They talk to tons of people across the crypto-economy (including me) to get the information needed to provide introductory info and more detailed information on the many companies and tokens out there. Click on Research and you can get more information on any project that interests you.

@MessariCrypto is their Twitter handle. And, for transparency, I am a contributor to the Messari network in their Analyst community for research.

Forbes Crypto

 Most people know what Forbes Magazine is, but did you know they have a division and people assigned to the crypto-economy? It's called Forbes Crypto. More of their information and news is price and market-driven than some of the other sources on this list. I like seeing how a big incumbent player in finance like Forbes covers our industry.

Forbes also has Indices that they have created including the top 10 Global, top 30 Global (the FB 10 and FB 30), and top 10 Blockchain and dApps (decentralized applications) where they are using these indices to analyze use cases and market performance. I hope we will see more of this from other sources.

@ForbesCrypto is their Twitter handle.

Bitcoin Magazine

 As one of the longest running publications in the industry, Bitcoin Magazine is a consistent source of excellent info. The team here does a great job of reporting the news all across the world about Bitcoin.

Want to know how lobbying efforts in DC are going on behalf of cryptocurrencies? Or which wallets have the best features? Or price and even some tax analysis? Then Bitcoin Magazine is a great place to start.

One of my favorite things about them is the recent decision during 2018 to refocus their news efforts on Bitcoin, the oldest and most proven cryptocurrency. After a few years of reporting on all things cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Magazine announced they are going back to basics and back to Bitcoin.

@BitcoinMagazine is their Twitter handle.

The Block

The Block provides up to date news on all things cryptocurrency. It's easy on their site to search based on tags like the SEC, or Research, or Companies to search of the project of your choice.

The Block also provides editorials labeled Our Take where they mix facts from news stories and their opinions to take a position on an issue.

One of my favorite things on The Block is the Companies feature/tag where I can see what individual companies are doing like Bitcoin lender Unchained Capital or OTC exchange Genesis Trading, as well as see what the active VCs and Private Equity groups in the industry are doing and where they are investing.

@TheBlock_ is their Twitter handle.

From an incumbent financial resource setting up a crypto division to another doing lots of community outreach for information to one of the oldest publications in the Bitcoin world, these are 5 of the best resources for Bitcoin and crypto-economy based news.

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Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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