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Bengkulu Peer to Peer lending is a great tool for your investing toolbox. Great returns with minimal risks can be made over time.

http://netgents.com/shop/?l=page_view The purpose of this blog is to show you how you can take advantage of Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to lower risk and increase returns on your investment into these loans.

unbeknownst What if you like the ideas but don't have the time or want to put forth your own free time to put this information into place? What if you just want it setup so you can make profitable investment choices?  Well you can hire me. I'm Stu and this is my blog.  You can read about me and my background on my About Me Page. For specific consulting, I can be hired by the hour.

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What Can Stu do for a new emerging p2p lending platform?

Lending platforms are getting more and more specialized. Do you have an idea about a peer lending platform that you want to develop? This industry is only just getting started and there is still room in Consumer loans, Small Business loans, Real Estate loans, Student loans, other Asset Secured loans for growth.

Credit and pricing for risk are important parts of a peer lending platform and I can do those for you. I can also be hired to consult by the hour, as can my Council of Experts (the Legal and Tax Corner contributors).

Most importantly, my blogging skills for marketing, authority building, investor and borrower email lists and lead generation are all available by the post or by the month.

Just email me at Stu AT p2plendingexpert.com

What Can Stu do for Commercial Finance Companies?

Commercial finance companies including equipment leasing companies, factors, Account receivables finance, and non-bank commercial real estate lenders  need an edge to help them get over their competition.

A blog like this one for your business can market and sell for you, generate leads, build authority and build lists for drip marketing campaigns.  All at an affordable monthly rate for turnkey services.  If you know you need to market with a blog but are too busy to do so, let me take that off your hands.

What Can Stu do for Community Banks?

Community banks are the backbone of local and regional economies and do much more than the big mega banks do. If peer to peer lending is something that interests you for your bank customers and you want to learn how to transition some of your banking customers to this platform and earn fee income for your bank, then email me directly and let's talk.

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What Can Stu do for individual investors?

If you are an individual investor, known in the investment world as a 'retail' investor, and you want to get started but are a little intimidated by the process or just don't have the time, then you can hire me and I will set up your accounts for you. Everything ready except your bank information and your transfer of funds so you can start buying loans, which you will want to keep for yourself.  I will:

Set up your  account on your platform of choice

Set up your filters so they run as close as possible to my own proprietary Credit Scorecard

Get everything ready for you so you can make your first investment in peer to peer loans

Provide hourly based individual instruction, if requested

Need Help Getting Started? If so, then email me at Stu AT p2plendingexpert.com Subject: Hire Stu to Set Up Account

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What Can Stu do for professional/institutional investors?

If you are a professional investor and you already see the potential of this new asset class for part of your portfolio, then here are some ways I can can help you:

Survey the landscape and provide detailed reports on which lending platforms best fit your investment objectives

Give you independent, third party experienced credit analysis and comparison of loans on various platforms as a way to assess individual loan and portfolio risk

Provide hourly consulting advice, if requested

Need Help Getting Started or Taking it to the Next Level? If so, then email me at Stu AT p2plendingexpert.com Subject: Hire Stu Institutional Investor


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