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The end of the summer means a couple of things aside from cooler weather. One of those things is the fall conference season in fintech. Are you going anywhere good? This time of year also means lots of news in the industry so I thought I'd review some of the news I found particularly interesting.

Coinbase Increases Trading Pairs for GBP

Our friends at Crowdfund Insider always have some good coverage of the industry. They are a must read. In this story, Coinbase announced they are added more support for their UK customers trading in British Pounds (GBP). You can already trade BTC to GBP, but now you can also trade Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and/or Bitcoin Cash against GBP. All those trading pairs are new and available now. This can only be good if more people can trade more cryptocurrencies more easily.

Another European Bank Gets Into Blockchain

A couple weeks ago, you may remember I posted about Litecoin buying into a German bank here on the blog. Bankless Times, where I'm a contributor, reports on Liechtenstein bank Union Bank AG issuing a security token as well as a stablecoin in an attempt to become a blockchain industry bank. More access to more banking services for Bitcoin and blockchain companies, again, is only a good thing. Sadly, we still need conventional banking to get things done and this will help the industry.


Varo Money Approved for Fintech Charter

The first fintech charter has been issued to Varo Money, as reported in numerous places including the Credit Union Times. It looks likely that Varo will form the first all mobile bank in the US. This special purpose bank charter lets firms innovate while traveling the more well known regulatory path of the banking environment. Whether Varo will be successful or not, no one knows, however, this is a big win for fintech and for consumers who will get more banking choices than the mostly large existing legacy banks.

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