Prosper Gets $70 Million in New Funding

While I am disappointed that I could not make it to the LendIt Conference this year, there is some great news to report from there. According to PE Hub, and confirmed by Prosper President Ron Suber, Prosper has gotten some additional funding of $70 million.  The press release from PE Hub is right here. … Read more

Prosper Has Another Great Month. So Where Are the Loans?

According to the excellent data site LendStats, Prosper had it’s 3rd best month of originations in its history, totaling $61 million in new loans in April.  This is great news for their platform, but where are the loans?  Here’s a look at the trend of monthly originations at Prosper, courtesy of LendStats   The trend … Read more

2013 Annual Report: Why I Make More Money W/Prosper than LC

In the interest of complete transparency just like I do with my monthly returns and updates, I now have the annual update for you in the form of an Annual Report, just like companies do for their shareholders. The P2PLendingExpert 2013 is finally finished.  I am very excited to present to all readers of this … Read more

If Prosper Goes Bankrupt, Are You Protected? Yes

For Part 1 of this series on what happens if Lending Club goes bankrupt, check it out here. Since we looked into what happens if Lending Club goes bankrupt, it’s natural to now look at Prosper and see what happens if they go bankrupt. Again, like with Lending Club, the investments in Prosper, especially in … Read more

What are Your Peer to Peer Lending Investment Goals for 2014?

A new year has started and peer to peer lending hit an important milestone in 2013. 2013 is the year that the world started noticing Peer to Peer Lending. From BlackRock’s investment into Prosper to Google Ventures $100 million investment in Lending Club to  the first p2p lending platforms being set up in many European … Read more

Credit Analysis: Number of Open Trade Lines

Both Prosper and Lending Club show us the number of open and current trade lines (credit accounts) our potential borrower has open at any given time.  This is an often misunderstood variable though so let’s dig into some details. Here is what one of the credit listing sections looks like on a Lending Club loan … Read more