Guest Post: P2P Lending in 2017

This is the third part in a series of blog posts written by Stu and Chris that first appeared on LendAcademy regarding the state of the p2p bitcoin lending industry. This article was written by Chris Grundy, Marketing Manager at Bitbond, who tries to take account of more traditional lending platforms as well blockchain-based solutions. … Read moreGuest Post: P2P Lending in 2017

Earn Money and Do Good with New Platform AHP

The best lending platforms have a win/win or win/win/win scenario built into them from the beginning.  Prosper lets borrowers consolidate credit card debt. Instead of paying 16% to these credit card issuers they pay 7 or 8% to us. Prosper wins by originating the loan. Borrower wins by saving 800 basis points interest. Us lenders … Read moreEarn Money and Do Good with New Platform AHP

LoanHero: Marketplace Lending at the Point of Sale

This week the largest conference in the peer to peer/marketplace lending industry, LendIt 2016, is going on. In the days leading up to the conference, I got the chance to speak to lots of movers and shakers including platform operators. One of the most interesting lending platforms out there is a new area for p2p … Read moreLoanHero: Marketplace Lending at the Point of Sale

What’s New This Week in FinTech

There’s lots of news in FinTech so let’s look at some of the bigger stories from the last week. Is there trouble with funding for p2p loans? A Bloomberg article from earlier this week discusses how investor service Moody’s is downgrading a portion of a group of bonds issued backed by loans on the Prosper … Read moreWhat’s New This Week in FinTech

Announcement: The BTC AutoInvest Experiment

When people find out I have some expertise in Bitcoin based lending, one of the most common questions I get is about the AutoInvest feature offered by the big 3 lenders. For infrequent readers, the big 3 Bitcoin lenders are BTCJam, Loanbase and Bitbond. They are the Big 3 because they have gotten outside funding … Read moreAnnouncement: The BTC AutoInvest Experiment

Why I Read Bitcoin Platform Blogs And You Should Too

  As a blogger, I am always looking for other good blogs to read and teach me something new.  Nearly every online lending platform has its own blog, and honestly, most of them aren’t very good. They are trying to build their businesses so a blog is an afterthought sometimes. They all seem to use … Read moreWhy I Read Bitcoin Platform Blogs And You Should Too