BTCJam: Providing More Info but Still Falling Short

There’s quite a bit of debate in the Bitcoin Investing world about BTCJam. They are without question the largest BTC based peer lending platform and they have the most VC funding.  The essence of the debate is whether the Jam are purposefully trying to only earn fees with no intent to eliminate scammers from their platform … Read more

Subscriber Question Answered: Does This P2P Example Work Around SEC requirements?

Today I’m continuing my Subscriber Questions Answered segment and going international. Today’s question is from Johnny, one of my Canadian subscribers, eh? Johnny has a great question. I LOVE answering questions from my subscribers so please feel free to comment here or email me any questions you have. Today’s Question from Johnny: Why haven’t any of … Read more

Bitcoin Lenders: What Is Your Loan Duration? Should You Care?

In my last post, I looked at loan duration for USD based peer to peer lenders. Since I lend in BTC as well, I thought I’d do the same exercise for my Bitcoin loans and other BTC lenders. Duration, which is the sensitivity of a bond or loan portfolio to interest rates, and  the related … Read more

BitLending Club: Where the Players in Bitcoin Lend and Borrow

In one of my previous posts on Bitcoin lending, I talked about the biggest site for BTC based peer to peer lending, BTCJAM and how it works. Ryan from Peer and Social Lending (another good p2p lending blogger) also recently posted about lending on BTCJAM with a nominal amount of cash.  It is in fact … Read more