Altcoin Investment Strategy: The CryptoDogs

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies reached a state of frenzy and mania in 2017. I’m sure you noticed….. People have been asking me more often not just about Bitcoin but about Litecoin, Ripple, smaller coins, sillier coins, and scammier coins. It made me think. How can people really assess all the altcoin (alternative coins to Bitcoin) options … Read moreAltcoin Investment Strategy: The CryptoDogs

The 2 Big Themes of 2017 in Fintech

The year in fintech had 2 dominant themes. It was an amazing year of growth, innovation, adoption, and acceptance for fintech all across the world. Big Theme #1: Bitcoin 2016 was the year where the world discovered Blockchain technology, the technology underpinning Bitcoin. Investments and potential uses for the new technology went rampant in 2016 … Read moreThe 2 Big Themes of 2017 in Fintech

Wish Finance: Blockchain SME Lending

Unlike EthLend, which is lending agnostic, Wish Finance is specifically for lending to small and medium-sized businesses, otherwise known as the SME market. Wish is based in Singapore. The white paper explaining their program is found right here: Wish Finance White Paper. Wish also has a separate pdf file giving an overview of their business. … Read moreWish Finance: Blockchain SME Lending

The Next Generation in Blockchain Lending part 1

Hey guys and gals, did you miss me? I’ve been spending most of September putting the finishing touches on my book. Are you interested in a copy when it’s published? You can get on the advance mailing list for a discounted copy right here:   Now back to our original programming…..Blockchain-based lending to be specific Bitcoin … Read moreThe Next Generation in Blockchain Lending part 1

Intel Corp is Why I’m Adding (Some) ICO Coverage

My discovery of Bitcoin started as an attempt to diversify my own p2p lending investments. I found Bitcoin to use as an investment tool. My education in Bitcoin started there and from there I learned about its privacy features, its purpose to be outside of the conventional banking system and all the other reasons why … Read moreIntel Corp is Why I’m Adding (Some) ICO Coverage

The Bitcoin Scaling Debate for Beginners part 1

Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain. If you have even a casual interest in finance, then you’ve heard lots in the last few months about Blockchain, which is the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. There are tremendous potential applications with it including in financial services, healthcare and even identity. It also means 2 things for Bitcoin. Bitcoin has taken … Read moreThe Bitcoin Scaling Debate for Beginners part 1