Amazon, PayPal & EBay Expand Lending Options

The mantra in marketplace lending is to build, buy or partner. When people say this they are talking about fintech firms and banks and how they should work together. One side left out of this equation is fintech platforms getting into lending for their own customers like Amazon, Paypal, or EBay. All are or soon … Read moreAmazon, PayPal & EBay Expand Lending Options

Altcoin Investment Strategy: The CryptoDogs

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies reached a state of frenzy and mania in 2017. I’m sure you noticed….. People have been asking me more often not just about Bitcoin but about Litecoin, Ripple, smaller coins, sillier coins, and scammier coins. It made me think. How can people really assess all the altcoin (alternative coins to Bitcoin) options … Read moreAltcoin Investment Strategy: The CryptoDogs

The 2 Big Themes of 2017 in Fintech

The year in fintech had 2 dominant themes. It was an amazing year of growth, innovation, adoption, and acceptance for fintech all across the world. Big Theme #1: Bitcoin 2016 was the year where the world discovered Blockchain technology, the technology underpinning Bitcoin. Investments and potential uses for the new technology went rampant in 2016 … Read moreThe 2 Big Themes of 2017 in Fintech