Announcing My New Crypto Newsletter

My new service sorts and organizes your crypto news Twitter, Facebook, Signal, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Hacker News, Project White Papers & Case Studies, Industry Websites, PR firms These are all sources of fintech and crypto information, yet I’m sure you’d agree that getting good, actionable fintech information is hard to do. Getting good, honest, actionable … Read moreAnnouncing My New Crypto Newsletter

Is Identity on the Blockchain a Good Investment?

Does Identity Matter? Is Identity a Good Investment? One of the areas seeing tons of investment in blockchain is Identity. We don’t think much of identity in the US because we have birth certificates, Social Security numbers and many different ways people identify us including phone numbers and email addresses. But for most people in … Read moreIs Identity on the Blockchain a Good Investment?

My 5 Favorite Bitcoin News Sources

As I said in my 5 Favorite Marketplace Lending News Sources article, good decisions come from good information. While the Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto-economy is not as transparent as marketplace lending (YET), there are places to get quality news about the industry. Since I covered marketplace lending news sources already, here are my 5 favorite … Read moreMy 5 Favorite Bitcoin News Sources