Altcoin Investment Strategy: The CryptoDogs

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies reached a state of frenzy and mania in 2017. I’m sure you noticed….. People have been asking me more often not just about Bitcoin but about Litecoin, Ripple, smaller coins, sillier coins, and scammier coins. It made me think. How can people really assess all the altcoin (alternative coins to Bitcoin) options … Read moreAltcoin Investment Strategy: The CryptoDogs

AutoInvest Step 2: Loanbase

The AutoInvest experiment continues. My first stop, as I documented already in AutoInvest Step 1 was BTCJam. Now it’s time for the 2nd stop, Loanbase. I’ve made no secret of the fact that while all the platforms do things well and all of them have shortcomings that Loanbase is my favorite for a combination of … Read moreAutoInvest Step 2: Loanbase

Announcement: The BTC AutoInvest Experiment

When people find out I have some expertise in Bitcoin based lending, one of the most common questions I get is about the AutoInvest feature offered by the big 3 lenders. For infrequent readers, the big 3 Bitcoin lenders are BTCJam, Loanbase and Bitbond. They are the Big 3 because they have gotten outside funding … Read moreAnnouncement: The BTC AutoInvest Experiment