Debt Consolidation Loans with P2P Lenders

Oakdale Most of us have been there at one time or another…..

where to buy viramune It's that one big unexpected expense. Maybe it was a big car repair or medical expense or a new water heater for the house. It happens. And sometimes the easiest way to handle it is to put it on your plastic. That handles the problem in the near term.

buy stromectol uk Then at the end of your billing cycle you see that $12,000 balance there you aren’t using to seeing. If you have good credit already, then that’s a little nerve racking to look at even though you don’t have to pay it all at once.

Samarinda Or maybe this is more like you......You've always had good credit and paid on time and somehow you have started to build balances on your credit card accounts. What started as a balance of a couple hundred dollars has now climbed and the balance keeps getting bigger even though you are paying more than the minimum each month. Since you have good credit, you figure there should be an answer to this question to keep from creating more of a problem for yourself, and there is.

The first rule when you've dug a hole for yourself is to Stop Digging. You can stop digging now. Help is on the way.

You don't have to sit and watch that big balance stay there for months at an average interest rate of 12.54% per the Federal Reserve. Many of us have rates higher than that with many cards in the 14-18% range. That kind of interest rate on a 5 figure balance can be scary.

Thanks to peer lending platforms, which are the focus of this blog, you get to see the best way to consolidate credit card debt. It's the best as your revolving credit balance on your cards goes down while that balance is transferred to a fixed rate installment loan, which is an entirely different category for your credit score. Done correctly, this will raise your credit score in the short term AND the long term.

A bill consolidation loan or debt relief loan for good credit like yours can consolidate this credit card debt into one smaller payment

The Leaders in Debt Consolidation

One of peer to peer lending's first practical uses was for credit card consolidation. For up to $35,000 or $40,000, you can use 3 great platforms that I recommend. First, some things you should know.

  • All 3 of these platforms do a 'soft' pull of your credit report. This means the pull is not reported to the credit bureaus, which is good for you. Too many credit inquiries (as shown by hard credit pulls) means your score goes down. No reason for your good credit to start suffering now.
  • Your rate could be VERY LOW, like in the 5's% if your credit is excellent and your balance isn't too large OR your rate could be equal or greater than your credit card interest rate. Make sure the payment works for you
  • You are under no obligation. You can check your rate without having to make any financial commitment. You may even save some money with these links I provide (which are affiliate so I get paid if you take the loan but at NO EXTRA COST to you).
  • You need to stop spending on your credit cards. If you move your existing credit cards to a consolidation loan but then start spending again you will be worse off than before. Please don't do it unless it's an emergency.

Here are the platforms:

Prosper, the longest running P2P Lender in the US
Lending Club, the largest US p2p lender
Upstart, a less conventional p2p lender w/custom scoring


Any of them would be a good choice for your consolidation needs so check them out.