Bitcoin Lending E-Books

Itapira Are you one of those people who has heard about Bitcoin and think there's something to it but you don't know where to begin?

centrically Are you a Bitcoin miner and you want to multiply your coin more quickly? Are you a current Bitcoin peer lender and wish you were more profitable at it? I understand.

Sassuolo I'm proud to offer a 3 E-book package all on Bitcoin Lending. These E-books are designed with the beginner in mind and go through the process of how to get and lend your first Bitcoin, give you the lay of the land in the Bitcoin Lending marketplace and then how to lend your coin for profit.

These are THE definitive guide to Bitcoin based peer to peer lending

The E-book titles are:

How to Buy and Lend Your First Bitcoin

The Current Marketplace for Bitcoin Lending

Stu's 10 Rules for Lending Bitcoin Profitably

The total cost for these 3 E-books is $32 or equivalent in a couple other currencies including Bitcoin.

For those that like regular standard PDF format, this option is for you.

For those Kindle enthusiasts, I have a version just for you.

Avoiding just one mistake from my 10 Rules will save you at least twice the book costs.

Buy the series here.



2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Lending E-Books”

  1. Hi I bought the e books and didnt save them on my computer. I wanted to print them, but I could open the documents anymore.

    I bought the package on the 2nd of August.

    Please resend the links to my email.

    Kind regards

    Really liked the first ebook!!

    • Roman, Thanks for the kind words. I’ll send you a copy in pdf format so you can print easily to your gmail address. Thanks for your purchase and support


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