Auto Invest Update: March 2016

So far, I can honestly say I have one success and one failure on my AutoInvest program. Let's start with the failure first.

This isnt exactly my fault but my adding Bitcoin to my BTCJam account happened to almost exactly coincide with their announcement that they are exiting the US in terms of lenders and borrowers. Jam has said its for 2 reasons: regulatory climate in the US and their founding as an emerging market (Brazil first) lending platform to give options to those in these emerging markets that did not previously exist.

The result is a couple weeks wasted where my coin sat doing nothing.

On to my success, first I'll show the picture of my Loanbase calendar of payments for March.

Auto Invest Calendar March

As you can see here, there is lots of green. I selected the most conservative approach to put the Loanbase credit analysis to the test. There are 3 loans on this list that I selected myself, of which 2 of those 3 paid and the single non-pay is on  this list. All the rest, 20 out of 20, were selected from my AutoInvest plan. If you want to see what the basis for my plan selection was you can see that in this older AutoInvest post here and my Loanbase specific plan here.

Here's how this calendar translates into numbers:

# of Pmts Borrower Lent Payment Payments Received Rate
4 Crypto (USD) 5.95 0.04 0.16 2.69%
3 Mine 0.014 0.0011799 0.0035397 25.28%
2 Shanna 0.014 0.00078569 0.00157138 11.22%
2 Call Centers (USD) 0.33 0.011 0.022 6.67%
1 Aschmi 0.014 0.0415 0.0415 296.43%
1 Friver 0.014 0.007219 0.007219 51.56%
1 Carl 0.014 0.014928 0.014928 106.63%
1 Tor 0.0012 0.00015 0.00015 12.50%
1 Reyes 0.014 0.00159 0.00159 11.36%
1 Ikay 0.014 0.00163 0.00163 11.64%
1 Joaco 0.014 0.003732 0.003732 26.66%
1 Lucky( USD) 6.1 6.36 6.36 104.26%
1 Techno 0.014 0.00500773 0.00500773 35.77%
Total BTC 0.1272 0.07772232 0.08086781 63.58%
Total USD 12.38 6.411 6.542 52.84%
USD to BTC 0.029336493 0.015191943 0.01550237
Price = 422
Totals 0.156536493 0.092914263 0.09637018 61.56%

Some of these rates are weekly and include full principal repayments with reinvestment back into another loan, which is why my rate of 61.56% Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) is more than my projected returns and I don't expect this to last.

The greatest surprise is that so far the Loanbase credit model is working with my perfect 20 for 20 on the payments. Even though some paid late, they did all pay. A great result so far.

Let's see what next month holds.

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Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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