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ostatki dla singli warszawa I'm Stu and this is my blog.

fairily Peer to Peer lending is something I had known about for some time but only got much deeper into it in early 2013, thanks to a friend of mine. I invest my own money in these loans and have some unique skills that I am hoping to use to educate others who may have an interest in doing the same.

http://nowfoundation.org.uk/product/give-teaching-materials-to-one-school/?add-to-cart=2840 Since starting this blog in 2013, a new name has been added to identify the industry, Marketplace Lending.

logically I am a lifer in finance. It has been my goal, even from my first job as a new college grad, to use finance as a tool to help people. My first job was as a stockbroker and analyst and involved in working with, analyzing and studying, and buying and selling shares of public companies. I have also worked in private company financing, mostly through equipment finance for small to mid-sized businesses.

For the last 5 years, I was the Commercial Credit Director for a small equipment finance company. This means I was doing credit analysis and looking at Equifax and TransUnion credit reports on a daily basis.  Most of that same information we get to see and analyze as lenders on a p2p lending platform is what is given on a standard credit report.

Credit analysis is something that is vitally important to taking advantage of the information these sites give us so we can make excellent returns on our money but with lower than typical risk.  My focus will be on the platforms used at Prosper.com and Lending Club. Prosper was the first p2p lending site established and is the site that I know the best. Many of these things will apply generally whether to Prosper, Lending Club, or Zopa (for our friends that want to borrow or lend in British pounds known as the GBP).

Us unaccredited/retail investors have been fortunate in the last couple years that there are more platforms open to us now thanks to the adjustment to SEC Regulation A in the JOBS Act, known as Reg A+. The platforms that are now open to us through Reg A+ are going to receive more coverage here too.

And since early 2014, I have actively invested in and monitored the activity of the Bitcoin lending platforms as well.

It's my goal to use this blog to share my knowledge in the hopes that others that have an interest in peer to peer lending will learn something they find useful. thanks for reading


Stu Lustman

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am in terested in participating in peer to peer lending as an investor. I live in New Jersey and therefore do not qualify to use Lending Club or Prosper’s lending platform. I could, however, invest through Upstart.com. does Upstart.com provide approximatetely the same level of safety as the other two lending platforms?
    Milton Kaufman

    • Milton, I sent you a private email on this as well.

      Upstart requires an investor be accredited, which is the primary difference between it and the investing requirements of Prosper and Lending Club. If you are accredited, then you can invest. Upstart is well known and respected in the market so if you are able to invest, I suspect you can replicate the returns you would be seeking on Lending Club with their excellent platform.

  2. Stu,

    I was going over through Title III of jobs acts and see requirements to file SEC form C & D

    Does lending platform need to file SEC filings, if the loan limit is under $10k. Are there any exemptions for small loan limits.


    • Rakesh, this is a great question. I am pretty sure that the SEC filings are still necessary. The reason why is that buying a loan in its entirety (like an entire $10,000 loan) is not a security but buying a piece of a loan as most investors do is a security.

      However, I am not a securities attorney so I am only giving my view as how I would act.

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