3 thoughts on “A Tale of 2 RE platforms: Sharestates and Fundrise”

  1. Stu,

    Found you accidentally and regret not having found you sooner. Great job done with explaining Sharestates and Fundrise.

    I have a reasonable portfolio of about 40 – 50 investments split between RealtyShares and Fundrise.

    Here are the questions for you:

    1. What do you think of RealtyShares?

    2. What do you think are the pros and cons of each of these websites? If I have another $100,000 to invest; would you recommend I use only one platform (which one)? Or two (which two)? Or all three (equally or in some proportion)?

    I am asking these questions purely from an investor’s point of view.


    • I like RealtyShares too, Bobby. I just don’t know it as well to comment on it or recommend it as compared to other platforms. Other than Sharestates and Fundrise, the other platform I know that I would be comfortable recommending is Patch of Land. That’s not what you asked but I just don’t feel comfortable discussing a platform I don’t know as well.


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