10 Accounts to Follow on CryptoTwitter (Besides Mine)

Make Your Twitter Feed More Informative w/These Accounts

order generic Lyrica Certain people and industries gravitate to certain social media platforms. For instance, models whether they are professional, amateur, or just aspiring-to-be flock to Instagram. Gamers go to Twitch. And cryptocurrency goes to Twitter, or cryptotwitter as it's called.

Iquitos I love Twitter for following the cryptoeconomy. Do you follow me there? I'm @StuFinancesTech. Give me a follow. There are people, including some of my clients, who don't believe me when I say Twitter is great for aggregating sources and news. Most think of cryptotwitter as memes, shitposts, shilling, and other hype and nonsense. But when you do it right, it's news too.

order Lyrica This is how I do it to make my Twitter feed newsworthy and valuable. And I only follow 533 people as of today. You don't need a zillion followers or followings to get value out of Twitter.

What Makes An Account Follow-worthy?

How do you figure out who to follow on Twitter? I mean you can get lots of people shilling their own stuff or their own crappy coin that they claim is better than Bitcoin, so how do you decide who to follow? Here are my criteria:

  • They are smart. This is especially true if they are smart in an area where I'm not and I need to learn, like the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin.
  • They are interesting. They make tweets worth reading
  • They are active in the industry and active on Twitter. It's not worth following a 'worthy' account that only tweets twice a week. If you aren't a Twitter power user, you may think that less is more for not clogging up your feed, but really that's not how it works. You need real information and to be informed when things happen.
  • Promotion OK, Shilling Not OK
  • And matches or challenges my Cryptocurrency Philosophy

What Is Your Philosophy?

This last item in the criteria is the most difficult to describe but I'll do the best I can. I'm not sure if I qualify as a 'Bitcoin maximalist' although it's my favorite project. So do I follow other maximalists? Yes. Do I follow those that challenge maximalism? Also, yes as long as it's not only in the name of shilling their favorite coin.

Another example is EOS. I believe that EOS could be a good project someday. I also believe it's centralized and not what I'm looking for based on what the cryptoeconomy can do. Does that mean you shouldn't follow Block.one (@block_one_) or Brock Pierce (@brockpierce), who is one of the industry's best spokesmen? No, but it means they aren't on this list.

The Top 10 List


We can't talk about the cryptoeconomy without talking about the legal implications in countries around the world and the impact of regulation. So digital asset attorneys, especially with a securities background are incredibly valuable. There are at least 5 or 6 excellent crypto attorneys worth following, but let's see who made the list.

  • Tripoli Jake Chervinsky, counsel for Compound

Jake's tweets are informative, insightful, and not nearly as dry and uninteresting as you would think even when he discusses the legal mechanism behind a ruling that impacts crypto. He also threads a lot, which I like. Here's an example.

  • Joshua Ashley Klayman, US Head of Fintech, Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets at Linklaters

Joshua is an excellent attorney who speaks at lots of conferences. For this aspect alone, to see where major conferences are happening and which are worth following or even going to makes her account worth following. She's a big retweeter of newsworthy things from accounts I don't follow, meaning I get more meaningful info in my feed without having to follow 1000 more accounts.

This is a good example with a mention of a digital bank I hadn't heard of while at a conference
  • Marco Santori, Counsel for Blockchain.com

Marco is another excellent attorney who threads and explains the legal mechanisms of how current laws and regulations apply to digital assets.

The Techies

I came to Bitcoin as a financial tool and still look at it that way. However, blockchain technology and proof of work are important aspects of why Bitcoin is set up the way it is, and why it works the way it does. Here are some more tech-based accounts to follow.

  • Udi Wertheimer, Coder/Podcast/Asker of Tough Questions in the Cryptoeconomy

Udi is an Israeli coder and podcaster and devil's advocate. I heard him described once as the #1 guy in crypto in the category of 'Don't get high off your own supply'. Many of us like to see only the optimistic side of Bitcoin, Litecoin or other projects we work, buy or admire. Udi constantly questions and is a good balance to that optimism and hype. You also see he's smart enough to follow me :).

  • Jameson Lopp, CTO of CasaHodl

Jameson Lopp is a real Bitcoin OG and has some of the best information for beginners out there at his site lopp.net. He's a techie and a pioneer in the field. Plus CasaHodl is in the business of getting as many individuals to own and operate a Bitcoin node as possible to maintain decentralization.

A good example of a short thread sharing his knowledge
  • Paul Puey, Founder and CEO Edge Wallet

Paul is an industry friend since 2015 and his Edge wallet is the best software/web wallet around. I love it, use it, recommend it, and you should use it too. Paul is a good follow because he shares news about Edge like new features, is an industry advocate and also, like Joshua Ashley Klayman, a frequent conference speaker.

Media and Advocacy

  • Erik Voorhees CEO of Shapeshift

Erik is CEO of the exchange Shapeshift but spends lots of his time on adoption and industry advocacy.

  • Bitcoin Magazine, The original and best Bitcoin publication
  • Caitlin Long, Wyoming Blockchain Task Force

There's a reason why Wyoming is the most crypto-friendly state in the country and basically Caitlin is it. She's smart, driven and an advocate for the industry.

  • Plan B, Bitcoin Quant and creator of the Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model

Plan B is a quantitative analyst. As someone who believes in his stock to flow theory for valuing Bitcoin, his account is a worthwhile follow and a little different from the others.

Explanation of the stock to flow model


First I have a couple of honorable mentions. Not just @BrockPierce but also @ForbesCrypto, @APompliano (Morgan Creek Capital and Off the Chain podcaster), and @TechBalt who isn't just a podcaster but he's my cousin Adam.

So along with the 4 honorable mentions and my account, these are 15 accounts you should follow if you want better news and information from CryptoTwitter. They cover legal, technology, philosophy, advocacy, and media. Who do you follow? and why?

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Stu Stu Lustman, the author of this post, is a Credit Analyst by trade trying to bring Commercial Credit Analysis techniques to the world of Peer to Peer Lending. Check me out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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