Earn Money and Do Good with New Platform AHP

The best lending platforms have a win/win or win/win/win scenario built into them from the beginning. ¬†Prosper lets borrowers consolidate credit card debt. Instead of paying 16% to these credit card issuers they pay 7 or 8% to us. Prosper wins by originating the loan. Borrower wins by saving 800 basis points interest. Us lenders … Read more

Announcement: The BTC AutoInvest Experiment

When people find out I have some expertise in Bitcoin based lending, one of the most common questions I get is about the AutoInvest feature offered by the big 3 lenders. For infrequent readers, the big 3 Bitcoin lenders are BTCJam, Loanbase and Bitbond. They are the Big 3 because they have gotten outside funding … Read more

The MSB: Why I Don’t Lend to US LBC traders and you shouldn’t either

  MSB is the shorthand for a money service business. In the US, MSBs are overseen by FINCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), which is a part of the US Dept of Treasury. FINCEN’s primary goal is to take the lead in anti money laundering (AML) efforts and enforcement. MSBs have a 2nd level of … Read more