Should Retail Investors Care About Madden v Midland Funding case?

Madden v Midland Funding Some of you may have heard about this case and that it may/might/could/is already affecting marketplace lenders. Miss Madden had a Bank of America credit card and defaulted on her payments. Midland Funding is a debt buyer and collection agency based in San Diego. Midland bought the debt of Miss Madden, … Read more

Lending Club CEO Resigns

Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche, generally regarded as the face of marketplace/p2p lending has resigned his position at Lending Club. The resignation is based on the discovery that $22 million worth of loans were knowingly sold to an investor when the loans did NOT meet that investors buying criteria. It’s yet to be seen if … Read more

The Bitcoin Lenders’ Bill of Rights

  The 3 largest Bitcoin based lending sites: BTCJam, BitLendingClub aka Loanbase, and Bitbonds, combined originate around $1.5 million worth of Bitcoin based loans per month. While this number is small, the industry is fast growing and is an important part of developing the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole as lending/investing alternatives for Bitcoin operating … Read more