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Savings Account Rates at Local Banks or Why I love P2P Loans

I am often asked why I like to utilize peer to peer lending and other related questions like “Is it risky?” The biggest reason why I am so excited about

What Types of Loans Can I Invest In on

The loan site lists 11 different types of loans that are available. Those loans are: Debt Consolidation Home Improvement Short Term & Bridge Loans Auto & Vehicle Loans Small

Legal Corner: The Legal Basis of How Prosper and P2P Lending Works

by Jonathan Wilson, securities attorney at Taylor English Duma [Again, my comments will be in the braces otherwise this is all from our legal expert. None of this is personal

Calculating Returns: IRR or XIRR vs ROI

There’s been much debate in the blogging world for p2p lending about how to calculate returns on our loan portfolios.  Some very prominent people in our industry, including Peter Renton

How does rate its loans?

So let’s jump right in. How Does rate its loans? is one of the leading peer to peer lending sites on the web today. Prosper was the first

The Fitch P2P Lending Report: 5 Things They Got Right and 3 Things They Got Wrong

The Fitch ratings agency, who along with Standard & Poor’s are the 2 largest US based ratings agencies just released their first report on Peer to Peer Lending. While the

Legal Corner: The Securities Act of 1934 and Peer to Peer Lending

By Jonathan Wilson, atty at Taylor English Duma In my last two posts I talked about the definition of a “security” and how that term is defined in federal securities

How Does or Lending Club Make Money?

 This is an important question because if we want to use these lending platforms successfully, then we need for the platform to stick around. In other words, it has to

Legal Corner: Why I can invest with Lending Club but not with Circleback Lending

Our legal eagle, Jonathan Wilson, is back with some more great info for us on why we can invest in some lending platforms but not others. He’s from Taylor English

P2P Lending Best Practices: Diversification

Any blog about P2P lending as an investment talks about diversification. Many of these blogs, including great blogs from different perspectives than mine that I read regularly like Lending Memo

What’s Your Loan Duration? Does It Matter?

A friend and I were talking this week about how peer to peer loans in a portfolio is not unlike a bond mutual fund. In fact, it's exactly the same. A bond mutual fund is a fund that is many bonds together all with different rates and terms in them paying over time. Loan duration is expressed in number of years as the sensitivity of price to changes in interest rates. It is a measurement of how long it would take for the price of the bond to be repaid by its internal cash flows. Bond interest Click Here To Continue

The Guide to Tracking Bitcoin p2p loans for US citizens

In US Dollar based p2p lending, our primary concern is tracking Interest Earned. We track this through ROI or IRR or one of the other generally accepted methods for calculating Interest. We also track gains or losses on the sale of a loan if we sell our portion of a loan on the secondary market known as FolioFn and track loss of principal in the event of a default on one of our loans. This sounds like alot to track but it really isn't. Interest is relatively easy to track, most lenders are not active Click Here To Continue

Subscriber Question Answered: How Does Your Scorecard Work?

I got another great question this week from one of my subscribers. Thank you to all of you who subscribe and get my monthly newsletter.  If you want to subscribe, you can do so right here. No Spam here and once a month emails. Subscribe Here The question for today from my friend and subscriber Rob is how does your Scorecard work? You may or may not have seen that I have my own Credit scorecard that I use to score and select loans for my own investment.  As someone who does Credit analysis Click Here To Continue

BitLending Club: Where the Players in Bitcoin Lend and Borrow

In one of my previous posts on Bitcoin lending, I talked about the biggest site for BTC based peer to peer lending, BTCJAM and how it works. Ryan from Peer and Social Lending (another good p2p lending blogger) also recently posted about lending on BTCJAM with a nominal amount of cash.  It is in fact the biggest, but it is not the best platform for BTC based peer lending.  The best is BitLendingClub. If you have ever noticed the big edge that insiders have in all financial areas (like the stock Click Here To Continue

Stu’s Portfolio Report: August 2014

August has come and gone and I had another pretty good month. Let's see how we did based on my big 4 categories of Private Loans, Bitcoin Loans, Lending Club Loans and Prosper Loans:   August 31,2014 Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Rec'd Principal Remaining ROI Private Loans 142.47 142.47 983.14 1804.22 7.90% Bitcoin Loans 324.7 324.7 1007.01 1276.76 25.43% Prosper Loans 32.28 30.29 47.7 2698.49 1.12% Lending Club Loans 34.65 33.84 46.29 2898.86 1.17% Totals 534.1 531.3 2084.14 8678.33 6.12% Bitcoin Click Here To Continue

Subscriber Question Answered: What’s Really In Stu’s Lending Club Account?

I got a great question and request from fellow peer lending blogger Simon Cunningham of Lending Memo about sharing screenshots of my LC acct. His blog is really good and you should check it out. His approach is very different to mine but as we well know, there are lots of different ways to get to the finish line.  My methodologies are different than many in this space thanks to my big experience in Credit and my little experience with technology as compared to many in this industry on both accounts. Click Here To Continue

The Fitch P2P Lending Report: 5 Things They Got Right and 3 Things They Got Wrong

The Fitch ratings agency, who along with Standard & Poor's are the 2 largest US based ratings agencies just released their first report on Peer to Peer Lending. While the report is based on the lending platforms themselves, you can't have a report on the platforms without examining the industry in which they operate. This report does both.  This report is so important that I think every peer lending investor should have it.  A link to the report is right here: Overall, Click Here To Continue

Stu’s Portfolio Report: July 2014

Another month has come and gone and we have had another successful month here at   July 31,2014      Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Rec'd   Principal Remaining     ROI Private Loans       187.87                187.87                  937.74             2934.82                  6.40% Bitcoin Loans       109.06               109.06               1603.07              Click Here To Continue

Peer Lending Benefits of Bitcoin Taxed Like Property

The US Gov't has decided that Bitcoin (BTC) is to be taxed like property so upon its sale we recognize the capital gains and losses.  This means BTC gets the exact same tax treatment as stocks and real estate.  There are some serious implications for BTC investors/lenders as a result of this ruling, but you may be surprised to hear that some of these implications are to our benefit. DISCLAIMER: While I do finance for a living, I am NOT an accountant. This is MY interpretation only and should Click Here To Continue

Coinsortium: Crowdfunding Equity the Bitcoin Way

Peer lending and crowdfunding are making their way into the Bitcoin ecosystem/economy and people are starting to take notice. I have gotten to know alot of great people in the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem so far including England's own Jamie Cressey, despite the fact he's not an Arsenal fan like I am.  Jamie is the creator of the newest and most user friendly Equity Crowdfunding platform in the market today called Coinsortium. While my focus is on peer lending and crowdfunding from the borrowing Click Here To Continue