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Savings Account Rates at Local Banks or Why I love P2P Loans

I am often asked why I like to utilize peer to peer lending and other related questions like “Is it risky?” The biggest reason why I am so excited about

What Types of Loans Can I Invest In on

The loan site lists 11 different types of loans that are available. Those loans are: Debt Consolidation Home Improvement Short Term & Bridge Loans Auto & Vehicle Loans Small

BTCJam: Providing More Info but Still Falling Short

There’s quite a bit of debate in the Bitcoin Investing world about BTCJam. They are without question the largest BTC based peer lending platform and they have the most VC

Calculating Returns: IRR or XIRR vs ROI

There’s been much debate in the blogging world for p2p lending about how to calculate returns on our loan portfolios.  Some very prominent people in our industry, including Peter Renton

Legal Corner: The Legal Basis of How Prosper and P2P Lending Works

by Jonathan Wilson, securities attorney at Taylor English Duma [Again, my comments will be in the braces otherwise this is all from our legal expert. None of this is personal

How does rate its loans?

So let’s jump right in. How Does rate its loans? is one of the leading peer to peer lending sites on the web today. Prosper was the first

The Fitch P2P Lending Report: 5 Things They Got Right and 3 Things They Got Wrong

The Fitch ratings agency, who along with Standard & Poor’s are the 2 largest US based ratings agencies just released their first report on Peer to Peer Lending. While the

P2P Lending Best Practices: Diversification

Any blog about P2P lending as an investment talks about diversification. Many of these blogs, including great blogs from different perspectives than mine that I read regularly like Lending Memo

Legal Corner: Why I can invest with Lending Club but not with Circleback Lending

Our legal eagle, Jonathan Wilson, is back with some more great info for us on why we can invest in some lending platforms but not others. He’s from Taylor English

How Does or Lending Club Make Money?

 This is an important question because if we want to use these lending platforms successfully, then we need for the platform to stick around. In other words, it has to

Q&A with Radoslav Albrecht of Bitbond

Recently I was introduced to Radoslav (he goes by Radko) Albrecht, the founder of Bitbond. Bitbond is the 3rd largest Bitcoin based peer to peer lending platform and it recently received a 200,000 Euro investment from Point Nine Capital. As you will see in the Q&A below, they are poised to make some big moves in the market. I was most interested in what they do to position themselves in the market and what they do to help investors feel confident in lending on their platform. Here are my questions Click Here To Continue

5 Things You Should See in the Lending Club IPO Registration Statement

As most of you know by now, Lending Club is going public on Thursday. They are allocating some shares for retail investors like you and me. As part of their Direct Share Purchase program (DSP) with Fidelity, all potential investors get to see a copy of the Prospectus with S-1 SEC filing that LC filed with the Feds.My amended S-1 that I got came from Fidelity. If you are a little retail investor and you are considering investing in LC stock, then here are 5 things you should notice that are in Click Here To Continue

BTCJam: Providing More Info but Still Falling Short

There's quite a bit of debate in the Bitcoin Investing world about BTCJam. They are without question the largest BTC based peer lending platform and they have the most VC funding.  The essence of the debate is whether the Jam are purposefully trying to only earn fees with no intent to eliminate scammers from their platform or not.  It's an important question and those of us who have seen how the USD platforms work know that trust in the platform is one of the important keys to being successful. Click Here To Continue

BitFinControls: Financial and Operational Controls for Bitcoin businesses

When we invest in Prosper and Lending Club loans, we are lending overwhelmingly to individuals usually for Debt Consolidation purposes. On the Bitcoin based loan platforms, my loans are mostly to businesses. It's actually a sizable peer to small business lending environment but it just so happens that these businesses are BTC based businesses and operating within the Bitcoin economy/ecosystem. For example, one of my borrowers is Jose, who is bringing Bitcoin adoption through his exchange to both Click Here To Continue

Meet The Borrowers: Nick uses Prosper

I don't often talk about borrowers although I've had a couple posts on the combination of investor and borrower benefits of peer lending.  I have long advocated the community aspect of p2p lending as well as how we are helping a borrower while sticking it to some big institution (usually a high rate credit card company) so I am going to start showing how this actually works and helps some borrowers. Meet Nick Nick (name changed to protect his identity) is a personal friend of mine. He found peer Click Here To Continue

Subscriber Question Answered: Does This P2P Example Work Around SEC requirements?

Today I'm continuing my Subscriber Questions Answered segment and going international. Today's question is from Johnny, one of my Canadian subscribers, eh? Johnny has a great question. I LOVE answering questions from my subscribers so please feel free to comment here or email me any questions you have. Today's Question from Johnny: Why haven't any of these p2p lending sites considered using a centralized currency or point system, instead of working all these legal loopholes to get around the Click Here To Continue

Why I Lend On Bitfinex

Bitfinex, short for Bitcoin Financial Exchange, is a Hong Kong based trading exchange allowing for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and now Terahertz (THS) of cloud based mining power. What Bitfinex is used for most often by most traders is leveraged Bitcoin trading, meaning they can borrow USD or BTC and use it to go long (buy) or short (sell and hope it goes down to buy back cheaper) in Bitcoin. If you are familiar with stock based margin trading then leveraged BTC trading Click Here To Continue

Stu’s Monthly Portfolio Report: September 2014

I'm a little behind on my monthly updates but I'm trying a couple new things including a new layout for this blog. This month, I'm also going to open up my monthly returns to everyone to take a look see at what I'm doing. I have only one investing philosophy and that is to use my Credit techniques to lessen risk. I am not a high yield seeker as I seek to reduce risk first and then get a reward that exceeds my risk. For those of you who have not seen before, I have 3 categories of loans. They Click Here To Continue

Returns without the Work: Lend Academy Managed Accounts

I was fortunate enough to go to the Lend Academy Investments presentation in Midtown Atlanta yesterday and learned about the 4 fund options that they have on offer. Jason and Bo of Lend Academy outlined all of their programs for us including their partnerships with Nickel Steamroller and Funding Circle (who you have seen here on this blog when they were known as Endurance Lending Network on a post about Peer to Small Business Loans).  Let's take a look at the options available. One option is Click Here To Continue

Bitcoin Lenders: What Is Your Loan Duration? Should You Care?

In my last post, I looked at loan duration for USD based peer to peer lenders. Since I lend in BTC as well, I thought I'd do the same exercise for my Bitcoin loans and other BTC lenders. Duration, which is the sensitivity of a bond or loan portfolio to interest rates, and  the related calculation of Average Term Remaining have different meanings for the USD based peer lending world versus those of us who lend in BTC.  In the BTC world, we don't have a concern about Interest Rates since the rates Click Here To Continue