On the retail investing side of Peer to peer lending, we have 2 big lending platforms at our disposal in the US: Prosper and Lending Club.  By now, this is no big secret to those that read this and other blogs on the subject. As retail investors, we invest for a bunch of different reasons.  Below I have identified 5 different types of peer lending investor. Which one are you? Type 1: The "Savings Account Substitute" Investor The first type is the reason many of our baby boomer brethren are likely Click Here To Continue
Yesterday we saw another expansion in the world of peer to peer lending and crowdfunding. Canaan Partners, who is an investor in Lending Club and an advocate and investor in crowdfunding technologies and marketplaces, has led an investment round of $9 million into Realty Mogul.  See the actual press release here. Realty Mogul allows accredited investors to buy pieces of already vetted investment properties, both commercial and residential. It's like a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) but Click Here To Continue
As a followup to my post in January on how all public filings are not equal, Lending Club made a big recent change to their loan listings.  I only just noticed it yesterday. Check out below a listing I just purchased yesterday following my reinvestment approach.   If you look at the last item in the credit history section, you see a new line item called Collections Excluding Medical. As I outlined in the Public Filings post, 1 out of 6 credit reports in the US now have a medical collection Click Here To Continue
Sorry for the delay this month, everyone.  The push to get the Annual Report out quickly and smoothly (thanks for all the interest and downloads) pushed back my regular monthly report so here we go. We have a couple new happenings this month.  First, I added 3 new loans, 2 with Prosper and one with Lending Club. They are $100 each per my "Dividend" Reinvestment Strategy " Let's look at the monthly breakdown by loan type:   Feb 28, 2014 Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Click Here To Continue
Our legal eagle, Jonathan Wilson, is back with some more great info for us on why we can invest in some lending platforms but not others. He's from Taylor English Duma and you can check out his profile here. He's also on Twitter @JBWilsonLaw. Have you ever wondered why P2P sites like Prosper and Lending Club allow anyone to invest while other sites like CircleBack and Funding Circle limit participation to “accredited investors”?  The answer depends upon the way U.S. securities laws work. In Click Here To Continue
In the interest of complete transparency just like I do with my monthly returns and updates, I now have the annual update for you in the form of an Annual Report, just like companies do for their shareholders. The P2PLendingExpert 2013 is finally finished.  I am very excited to present to all readers of this blog the results of how I did investing in this growing sector in 2013.  I analyze my 3 categories of loans: Private loans, Prosper Loans and Lending Club loans in detail and with multiple Click Here To Continue
Sorry for the delay this month. It's due to a couple of factors including work on my 2013 annual report.  I'm also making some alterations in the format here.  I will be reporting on all my loans but only singling out new loans and non-paying loans going forward. With that in mind, let's take a look at how January did.   Jan 31, 2014 Interest Rec'd Net Interest Principal Rec'd Principal Remaining     ROI Private Loans 242.57 242.57 883.04 6277.64 3.86% Prosper Click Here To Continue
2013 was a big, big year in P2PLending. It became mainstream and more known and recognized as a plausible asset class for investment and analysis, as well as just increased general exposure to the public.  2014 and 2015 are likely to be growing yet transitional years in peer to peer lending, especially for those of us who look at it strictly for investment purposes. Let's look at one thing that has already happened and 2 of the most likely things to happen during this growing but transitional period.  Click Here To Continue
One of my favorite posts I do each month is where I show everyone how I am doing on my own loan portfolio each month on an ongoing basis.  I do this as a way to be accountable and transparent both to you all and to myself. Subscribers get their own view of loan performance on a loan by loan basis each month and commentary from me.  Subscribe now to see this report here. Companies, both publicly traded and privately held, give a report to the shareholders, stakeholders and often to their lenders Click Here To Continue
One of the major concerns that lenders/investors have in peer to peer lending as an investment, especially when they are first learning about it has to do with the lending platforms themselves.  We fund the loans on the lending platforms. If we are funding the loans and the lending platforms like Lending Club and Prosper are not, then what stops them from just throwing every potentially approvable loan up to see if it sticks. Why not put everything up on the platform and let the lenders decide what Click Here To Continue
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