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Savings Account Rates at Local Banks or Why I love P2P Loans

I am often asked why I like to utilize peer to peer lending and other related questions like “Is it risky?” The biggest reason why I am so excited about

How to Profit in a 20% Default Environment

The BTC lending environment is growing, yet volatile. While there is cause for concern, the USD lending platforms had higher defaults their first couple years too. Now 5-7 years down

Platform Risk: What Happened to Trustbuddy?

Platform risk is something mentioned here often yet rarely discussed in detail. Now we have an example of why thinking about the platform risk (the risk that the platform itself

What Types of Loans Can I Invest In on

The loan site lists 11 different types of loans that are available. Those loans are: Debt Consolidation Home Improvement Short Term & Bridge Loans Auto & Vehicle Loans Small

BTCJam: Providing More Info but Still Falling Short

There’s quite a bit of debate in the Bitcoin Investing world about BTCJam. They are without question the largest BTC based peer lending platform and they have the most VC

Legal Corner: The Legal Basis of How Prosper and P2P Lending Works

by Jonathan Wilson, securities attorney at Taylor English Duma [Again, my comments will be in the braces otherwise this is all from our legal expert. None of this is personal

Calculating Returns: IRR or XIRR vs ROI

There’s been much debate in the blogging world for p2p lending about how to calculate returns on our loan portfolios.  Some very prominent people in our industry, including Peter Renton

How does rate its loans?

So let’s jump right in. How Does rate its loans? is one of the leading peer to peer lending sites on the web today. Prosper was the first

The Fitch P2P Lending Report: 5 Things They Got Right and 3 Things They Got Wrong

The Fitch ratings agency, who along with Standard & Poor’s are the 2 largest US based ratings agencies just released their first report on Peer to Peer Lending. While the

The Six Things I Learned My First Month Lending in Bitcoin

My first month investing in peer loans based in Bitcoin (BTC) has come to a close and I have learned some VERY important lessons.   Lesson 1: LC is Blind

Meet VIAINVEST: Blending Traditional Finance with P2P Lending

This post can also be found on VIAINVEST’s blog page. Check them out on Twitter @VIAINVEST_ or their Facebook Page.   The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are becoming a hotbed for European fintech companies. Latvia’s latest entrant in the p2p lending market is VIAINVEST . VIAINVEST has some great features and an easy website to navigate. Let’s check out a couple of the benefits they offer on their platform for you as an investor. Hold Some, Sell Some As someone Click Here To Continue

Marketplace Lending 2016: Bruised but not Broken

2016 was a tumultuous year in p2plending. Maybe it's related to growing pains or maybe to something else entirely. The industry definitely took its bumps. Let's look at some of the major trends in marketplace lending over the course of this year. Lending Club's Issues Founder and former CEO Renaud LaPlanche was the biggest story in p2p lending this year with the fraudulent loan sale that led to his departure from the company. Other top execs have left, most notably the CFO and the Chief Marketing Click Here To Continue

Bitcoin Case Study: Venezuela

Bitcoin is Confusing Bitcoin is hard for many people to understand. The difficulty makes sense when you think about it as it is both a currency and a payment/transaction system among other things. We don’t talk about Cash and the Mastercard/Visa network like they are the same because they aren’t even though you use both cash and credit cards to pay for things.  Bitcoin has terms thrown around in it like digital money, cryptocurrency, proof of stake and consensus that can be tough for non-technologists Click Here To Continue

BitLendingClub to Close Its Doors: Regulations Cited As Cause

Leading Bitcoin based p2p lending platform BitLendingClub is going to close its doors. In an announcement sent out to all lenders and borrowers this morning, the company said that 'regulatory pressures' made operating the company no longer feasible. The specific regulations are not stated although its likely that its related to FinCEN and the MSB (Money Service Business) requirement placed on some Bitcoin companies. Regulations regarding BTC are confusing to say the least with FinCEN/Dept of Treasury, Click Here To Continue

Lending Club’s 3rd Quarter Earnings

The industry bellweather Lending Club announced its earnings this morning before the opening bell of the stock market for the week. The consensus of 6 analysts that cover the stock, according to Zacks Investment Research is an EPS (earnings per share) of -$0.10. Let's see how they actually did. By now you know about what happened with LC this summer, the management shakeup, the loss of confidence in the platform (which we hoped was temporary) and the appointment of Scott Sanborn as new CEO. Click Here To Continue

AutoInvest Update: September 2016

I know I've been a slacker about some of these updates and its my bad. I'm trying to jump back on the horse here and will update my Bitcoin AutoInvest results. First, let's see the actual chart from my BitLendingClub calendar. Did you notice that Loanbase and BitLendingClub split off from each other? Loanbase is now a business lending platform to businesses in Latin America while its Bitcoin lending operations are back at BitLendingClub. Now that we know where to go to find our info, Click Here To Continue

3 Real Estate Platforms for Retail Investors

As retail investors we often have fewer options than accredited or institutional and professional investors when it comes to p2p lending. And sometimes it really sucks. However, the amendment to SEC Regulation A, known as Reg A+ means there are additional investing options for us little guys (and gals). Reg A+ eased the crowdfunding rules allowing more investors into early stage investments in companies and some marketplace platforms are taking advantage of it in some cool and interesting ways. Today Click Here To Continue

Emerging Market P2P Lender: i2iFunding Part 1

The genius of p2p lending is taking advantage of a market of good quality borrowers that banks and other finance companies are avoiding, for whatever reason. And that model has been successful in Western/advanced economies like the US and the UK as well as China and the European Union. The model has shown it works in areas with very advanced mature banking industries by filling in gaps in credit availability. What about an emerging market economy where banks have even less reach and impact Click Here To Continue

Earn Money and Do Good with New Platform AHP

The best lending platforms have a win/win or win/win/win scenario built into them from the beginning.  Prosper lets borrowers consolidate credit card debt. Instead of paying 16% to these credit card issuers they pay 7 or 8% to us. Prosper wins by originating the loan. Borrower wins by saving 800 basis points interest. Us lenders win by earning the 7-8% in interest. This type of win/win/win guides the best platforms. More platforms are coming online and more are available for retail investors Click Here To Continue

Marketplace Lenders Aren’t Banks, Banks Have it Easier

Marketplace lenders (MPL) are compared to banks cause they issue and service loans like banks do. Some in and out of banking refer to our sector as 'Shadow Banking', a term I hate cause it implies there's something shady, not fully legal or compliant or just not right about what our sector does when none of those things are true. Not only are peer lenders not shadow bankers, they are far more transparent with their practices and data than any bank I have ever seen anywhere. The bankers who Click Here To Continue